If you would like to Volunteer at our facility email us to set up a day and time for orientation.

Please fill out our volunteer application if you would like to help. Whether you can donate money to the cause or you can donate some time – we need you! No age is too young and no amount is to little. Tell us some things you are good at…. making brochures, blog posts, spreading the word,  doing a small fundraiser, etc…

If you would like to be on the volunteer email list fill out the application and you will receive updates for upcoming events, information and things we need help with.


Some things that our volunteers can do

  •  Make brochures
  •  Help plan fundraisers and events
  •  Run our adoption events
  •  Drive to pick up our rescue dogs from shelters
  •  Take our dogs to their vet appointments
  •  You can foster our dogs
  •  Do home inspections for our interested foster parents and adoptions
  • Spread the word
  • Update our website
  • Write our blog posts
  • General administrative work

Any Ideas that you have we would love to hear


Ways you can help on your own 

  • Foster a dog
  • Find people to foster or adopt
  • Plan a fundraising event
  • Tell your friends and family


Do you know someone who would benefit from our services?

Please e-mail us and give us their name and contact info with a small description of their story.


Live in the area and want to work for us?
email caitlinsvineofbravery@gmail.com

If you know of any dogs being neglected or abused please contact us.
If you come across any dogs that are abused or sick that need help please contact us with where they are located and an email or number to reach the shelter they are at.