Dog Adoption

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If you are interested in adopting or even just fostering any of these sweet babies, please message me. We allow you to bring home your potential new family member for a two week “trial adoption” (crate provided) and if by the end of the two weeks you chose to adopt we will finalize the adoption. If you decide its not a good fit we can try and match you to another who would possibly be a better fit for you and your family.

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RUSTY ( Pit/Staffy Mix, 2 years ) 
This beautiful boy is about 2 years old. He is very sweet and a calm boy. He is great around kids and other dogs. He is neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccines. We had a little scare with him and learned that Rusty is allergic to bees, ants or insects. He went into Anaphylactic Shock and almost died. Rusty will need a very responsible owner that can always carry an epi pen and benadryl around if he needs it. He will have to be rushed to the emergency vet when symptoms appear. He needs to be an inside dog.

If you can add Rusty to your family please email us at

SCOOBY DOO ( Ridgeback Mix , 1 years old ) 
I am the sweetest boy and I promise to behave. I wish my pictures did me justice of how beautiful I am. I would love a family to love on me. I have been in a cage for months all alone and scared. I am finally free but now I am in boarding and its a little better but still far from home. I dream of my future family and us playing ball in the yard and me cuddling up with them. I seem to love other dogs, I just want to play. They tell me that I am so well behaved. They praise me over and over when we go on walks because I stay right by there leg instead of pulling. I can’t wait to meet my new family. I am neutered and up to date on all my vaccines. I’m ready to go when you are.

If you can add me to your family please email

LILLY ( 1-2 years old, american bulldog/ pit mix )
Lilly is a very sweet little girl. She loves to cuddle and follow you around everywhere you go. She came to us after she had been shot. She deserves nothing more but a permanent and loving home. She is such a sweet girl that just wants to be loved and love in return. She loves to play and run. She loves to chew on things and to chase toys.  She is dog selective and I would feel most comfortable adopting her out to a home that doesn’t have another dog. She has gotten along great with male dogs so she could be just girl selective. She’s great going on walks near dogs but is very reactive if one were to growl or bark at her.

If interested, you can fill out the application form and email it to

Lady ( Boxer Mix ) 1 years old 

Lady came into the shelter with her sister Tramp. She is also up for adoption with us as well. It would be ideal if they could be adopted together but understandable if not. Lady is a very sweet girl that loves to play and hang out with you. She seems to be great around other dogs. She is in boarding right now waiting for a foster family or a forever home.
If you can add Lady to your family please email us at

Tramp ( 1 years old, Boxer ) 
This sweet girl has been bred probably for her entire life. I can’t even imagine being bred over and over again. She wants a home that she can finally relax in and just be a dog. She came into the shelter with her sister Lady. It would be ideal if they were adopted together but they will understand if not. She is very sweet and seems to get along great with dogs. She seems to be crate trained and potty trained so far. She is now in boarding and is hoping to find a foster home for a forever home soon so she can get away from the shelter and boarding environments. If you can add Tramp to your family please email

Sammie                                                                                                                                        is perfection. He is the sweetest thing and loves to give kisses. His happy face will just brighten up your day by just looking at him. He is very friendly and dog friendly. Would do great with kids or other dogs. He is about 26 pounds and looks a lot bigger in his pictures. We have no idea what breed he is. He is up to date on all his vaccines and rabies. Email if interested in meeting him


Taffy is a very sweet girl that has a broken leg. It is a very old injury that was never fixed so that is going to possibly result in her having to lose her leg. Right now she will barely walk on it and has already learned to walk on 3 legs. She will do great with only 3 legs with a little bit of adjusting and time. If you can open up your heart to this sweet girl and give her a chance please email me at

KING ( 6/7 year old, Blue Pit ) 
King was found abandoned at a church. He is the sweetest boy and he is thriving at his foster home!

He is COMPLETELY house trained, doesn’t chew, loves cats and female dogs, big or small. He’s very unsure of un-neutered male dogs, so we would prefer he’s the only male in the house. He is mellow and wants to just lay around with you. 
If interested, you can fill out the application form and email it to

Prince had an injured leg and needed an FHO surgery. Unfortunately we were not able to rescue him in time to save his leg. Prince is absolutely beautiful and having only 3 legs makes him even more special. Prince gets along great with dogs and loves to play. He is a sweet heart to everyone.
Prince is a young pitbull mix. This gorgeous pup is recovering from a right back leg amputation, secondary to an injury. He doesn’t let that slow him down though! He is full of bounce and eager to please and meet new friends. Prince is treat motivated and will be easy to train. He already knows sit, and is very good with “wait”. He is about 90% house trained, and is starting to “ask “to go out. He has not been kept in a crate, due to post operative monitoring, but that training is to come. The focus has been mostly on recovery, and socializing at this time. He has a laid back disposition, and is not reactive to sounds, or other dogs. Prince is a funny boy, and extremely affectionate. He is a leaner! Prince  loves interaction with his humans, his foster Canine siblings and his special stuffed hedgehog that he carries with him during the day!

Email us if you are interested in adopting or fostering Prince, you won’t regret it.

Poppy is in boarding right now and really needs to adjust in a home setting. She was very attached to her owner and her owner dropped her off at the shelter to die. She is traumatized and scared. She needs a foster or owner that is patient and willing to give Poppy a chance to open up.

Email us if you are interested in adopting or fostering Poppy

Bloom is about 3 years old. She is a shepherd mix and is current on all her rabies, shots and is spayed. She is a very sweet girl that loves to play. She is currently being treated for heart worms but will recover without a problem. She seems to get along with dogs but can be dog selective. She has only shown aggression in her cage towards other dogs and is perfect out of the cage. She is in boarding right now until we can find her a foster. She needs a foster home or adopter soon.

Email us if you are interested in adopting or fostering Bloom

RYLA ( 15 months old, pit mix ) 

Ryla is a high energy and very playful. She loves snuggling up to you for hugs and kisses(lots of kisses)! She would do best in a home without small children until she is settled in. She would love a fur friend with high energy or tolerant of hers! Ryla goes crazy for tennis balls and outdoor activity, so a house with a big yard would be perfect for her to play in! She’s still small, around 40-45lbs, and probably close to 15 months old. She is potty trained, and in the process of crate training!


Hi! My name is Pluto! I am a very laid back and quiet guy! I am crate trained and almost never bark. I think I might be a 3-year-old American bulldog mix. Some say I might be mixed with Basset hound because I have short legs! I am dog friendly and very sweet with all people! I haven’t met any cats yet. I LOVE to play fetch or tug of war and I listen very well! I always sit when I’m told and come when I’m called! I am possibly the perfect companion. I am gentle, happy, smart. I learn very fast fast. I am a lover. I will follow you around all day. I will bring you my leash, walk right into my kennel when you ask me and will play with you for hours. I am just a nice dog all around. Someone please adopt me!!

We offer a two week trial (crate provided) if you’re interested in adopting Pluto please email

 If you can add Pluto to your family please email us at

Ernie ( Pit Mix ) 3 years old 
Ernest aka Ernie is such a sweet heart. He is a very playful little boy. He is crate trained and house broken. He gets along great with dogs and cats. He loves to play fetch ( still learning the concept of giving it back ) , loves toys and will entertain himself until he tires out. Always a happy boy with his tail wagging. Probably would do best with older kids, he may knock down younger kids due to his wiggle butt. He loves to snuggle. He loves to talk to you. He is happy go lucky and nothing can damper his day. 
If you can add Ernie to your family please email us at

Harley ( Staffordshire Mix ) 1-2 years old 
Hi my name is Harley, thats what my foster mom calls me. I’m a sweet, playful docile, gentle and low-to-medium energy level kinda guy. I enjoy being with humans, hanging out or playing with my foster doggie brother and sisters. Playing tug with my doggie foster brother and sister is one of my favorite things to do. Once I have time to decompress and become familiar with my new surroundings I would love doggie siblings to play with. I love squeaky tennis balls and rope toys. I really love bones and am very treat motivated so I’ll be easy to train. I know several commands : sit, down, go potty/outside and go to bed. I’m crate trained and housed train. I even know how to use a doggie door. I am neutered and current on all of my shots. I would love to have a permanent home so I don’t have to worry about my future anymore. I promise to love you forever and be a good boy. 
If you can add Hawkins to your family please email us at